picture of concreting and screeding in progress

Concreting and Screeding

Our concreting and screeding specialists will prepare the substrate in such a way that it will be ready for laying finishing materials. Properly applied concrete screed is resistant to both intensive use and temperature changes. It is an excellent building material that is used during renovations, as well as building from scratch.

PB Builder Concreting and Screeding

Are you planning a house extension? Or maybe you are just finishing a terrace or planning to put in a driveway? In each of these cases, you will need concreting and screeding services. Whether the floor will be beautiful, durable and free of cracks depends mainly on the surface on which it will be laid. The most important features of a good undercoat are strength and durability. The concrete screed mustn’t crack, for example, due to weight. Another critical element is levelling, i.e. evenness of the screed, which determines the final effect. The screed is also a weight and cover layer under which water and sewage pipes and heating installation can be layed.

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picture of man during smoothing concrete screed
picture of man during smoothing concrete screed

Why choose us?

Concrete screed

Typical concrete screed is a standard concrete base for terracotta or floorboards. Correctly poured screed has an impact on the quality of finishing works.

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